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Enhancing Transparency in Holliston's Budget Choices

A key opportunity to increase voter engagement is to make our budget choices more transparent and accessible to all residents. Today, our finance committee does an excellent job organizing all of our budget data, but there are tools available to help everyone understand the tradeoffs we face. The goal is to demystify how our funds are allocated, highlighting contributions from both businesses and citizens and the impact of spending on major programs. As we aim for sustainable growth, understanding the financial trade-offs and decisions is vital for informed community participation.

Proposed Approach:

  • Exploring the Adoption of Interactive Online Tools: I propose exploring a variety of engaging online tools, such as Balancing Act, Ethelo, and ClearGov to visualize and interact with Holliston’s budget. These platforms enable residents to gain insights into financial allocations and scenarios in an engaging and informative manner.

  • Educational Sessions and Online Explainer Videos: To complement in-person educational sessions, creating online explainer videos will further demystify complex budgetary concepts. This combination of resources aims to enhance understanding through easy-to-follow visuals and interactive content.

  • Collaboration with Finance Committee: Collaborating closely with the Finance Committee is critical. Their expertise and experience will help demystify the complexities of the town's expenditures and aid in creating accessible and comprehensible financial information for all residents.

  • Ongoing Adaptation and Improvement: We will continually adapt and improve our approach to ensure effectiveness, clarity, and transparency in communicating financial matters.

Commitment to Action:

If I have the honor of serving on the Select Board, I will make it a priority to enhance the transparency of our town's financial matters. Working in collaboration with the Finance Committee and utilizing their profound knowledge, we will empower every resident with clear, accessible information about our fiscal choices. My commitment is to ensure that every citizen of Holliston feels included and informed about our town's financial journey, fostering a community that is not only engaged but also well-informed about our collective fiscal future.


Committee to Elect Damon Dimmick
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